About Prétear

Prétear (Pree-teer) is a 2000-2001 anime manga by Kaori Naruse and Junichi Satou. The anime lasted 13 episodes, while the manga came to 4 volumes with a total of 18 chapters and a short epilogue.

The full title of the series is Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Prétear, which roughly translates to “The New Legend of the Snow White Princess Prétear.” The story combines popular elements from shoujo anime stories (magical girl with a transformation sequence, several attractive young men who need her for some world-saving adventure) with fairy tale features, like a harsh stepmother, stepsisters who don’t understand the heroine at all, and the heroine’s desire for something different or better.

About Himeno Awayuki

Himeno Awayuki (姫乃淡雪) is a sixteen-year-old girl whose father has recently remarried a woman with her own teenage daughters. Himeno has gone from living in a dingy apartment, taking care of her drunkard, former romance novelist father to living in a mansion with maids, multiple reception rooms, and a yard big enough to house wild animals!

Her mother died when she was very young, but Himeno still has a hard time seeing her new stepmother as “Mother.” But for the sake of her father, she tries to adjust to her new life in a city that her rich stepmother named after Himeno’s father… but it’s not easy. Her stepsisters, Mawata and Mayune, seem to hate her, and she can’t figure out why. Her mother wants her to have more decorum befitting a young, rich lady, and her father is so in love with his new wife that he doesn’t seem to notice Himeno’s distress at all.

One day, Himeno meets seven young men, and after some confusion, they claim she is the Prétear, a heroine that will help them defeat Saihi, the Princess of Disaster and her life-consuming demonic larvae. Each of these seven young men is a Knight of an element, and they can use their powers to merge with Himeno and allow her to access their elemental abilities.

When all seven combine their powers, Himeno can become the legendary White Prétear, an all-powerful source of Leafe (life), able to not only defeat the Princess of Disaster but restore life to living creatures (human and otherwise) that had previously been drained.

About Hayate, Knight of Wind

Hayate (颯) is the Knight of the Wind, one of the seven Leafe Knights. Along with Sasame (Knight of Sound), Goh (Knight of Fire), Kei (Knight of Light), Mannen (Knight of Ice), Hajime (Knight of Water), and Shin (Knight of Plants), they defend the world against life-draining demonic larvae sent by Saihi, the Princess of Disaster and the representation of darkness and death.

Hayate is one of the older and more experienced Leafe Knights, alongside Sasame, Goh, and Kei. He harbors a dark secret that he keeps from Himeno: he is the reason why the current Princess of Disaster seeks to destroy Awayuki Town.

 About Windswept Love

Azurite adopted the Himeno Awayuki x Hayate fanlisting Forever from Huma in July 2017 and renamed it Windswept Love.