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Why Windswept Love?

The story of Pretéar is a loose adaptation of the classic fairy tale Snow White, and includes elements from other popular stories, including Cinderella. Himeno Awayuki is the titular character, coming from a formerly close-knit home with her father to a princess-like lifestyle at grand estate when her father remarries a rich woman. Himeno’s two stepsisters want nothing to do with her, and one of them actively endeavors to make Himeno’s life miserable. Cheerful Himeno tries to make the best of her situation, but seems to be the only person who notices the appearance of a dark-colored snow…and demonic larva intent on draining the world of life!

Instead of dwarfs, Himeno meets up with the seven Knights of Leafe, including their standoffish leader Hayate, the Knight of Wind. As the Legendary Prétear, Himeno can magically “merge” with each of the Knights to defend life as she knows it using the powers of the elements: Wind, Sound, Fire, Water, Ice, Light, and Plants. But her powers are tied to her confidence, and the appearance of the Princess of Disaster and her ties to the Knights of Leafe shakes Himeno’s. Can she become the Legendary Snow White Prétear, capable of defeating the Princess of Disaster and healing the damage she’s wrought?

Himeno must overcome Hayate’s reticence to save the world, and once she does, well… you could say they sweep each other off their feet! Hayate, being the Knight of Wind, fits the “Windswept” part of this fanlisting’s name the most, but Himeno’s forceful optimism definitely takes him by surprise, too.